Magnolias on Silk is the brainchild of Irka and Marcell. Here is their story, in a nutshell, told by Irka herself:

A keen art follower

I was enthusiastic about art, flowers and interior design from a young age. I loved to buy interior design magazines. After devouring it, I sketched and designed my own dream pieces, from lamps to furniture. I even bought flowers occasionally to arrange into something creative.

But, life intervened. My parents did not think I can make a living out of art and I was too inexperienced and unsure of myself to study architecture or interior design.

Not my true passion

I ended up studying law and specialized in conflict resolution and intercultural communication.  I had an incredible career. I traveled, consulted and trained others – but I knew the law was not my true passion. Within me, creativity was still shouting to get out.

The turning point

After the birth of my first child, I decided to make a change. I was exhausted and not satisfied. During a holiday in East Asia, I knew that time had come for me to go back to my first love. I resigned from my job and started ‘PomPom your life!’ with my husband. We were one of the first companies in Europe to explore the creative possibilities of handmade tissue paper decorations.

When an inspirational photo shoot in 2016 for ‘PomPom your life!’ did not turn out well, I jumped in. I was not happy with what the photographer did.  I then planned and executed my own shoot.

It evolved

Soon, people were asking me to do the same for them. A project to coordinate a wedding followed. Suddenly, we were designing and styling special events and editorials. We grew.

We got featured in major international wedding blogs. We outgrew ‘PomPom your life!’ and in August 2018 we founded ‘Magnolias on Silk’ to better serve our existing clients and to represent more of what we are.


My husband, Marcell, is my biggest supporter. He understands our business from a design point of view – he sees the world through the eyes of an artist, too!

Marcell supervises the business side of things. He has a knack for project management, people and he leads through example. I get to do all the fun and creative stuff!

We are the proud parents of Lily and Nisha, and we love traveling, new cultures and design.

The future is bright.

We’ve met so many incredible people along the way. We wouldn’t be here if it were not for you!

It is rewarding to look back (and we are proud how far we’ve come!), but it is even more exciting to look towards the future.

We feel the best is yet to come. There are so much more that all of us can do – new dreams and new possibilities to explore. The future belongs to us – that is what we believe.

This is our story.  Now, let’s tell yours.

And I’d choose you; in a hundred
lifetimes, …


Kiersten White