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Create your wedding moodboard


This guide will lead you to the perfect wedding concept – how to set up a Pinterest wedding board or a wedding moodboard

We talk a lot about wedding planning and this post is no exception. Creating a perfect wedding moodboard is essential for a stunning wedding design concept. Almost every couple experiences the feeling of being stuck or overwhelmed when planning their wedding. It is easy to get distracted by all the different styles and options to style a wedding. As a wedding planner and stylist, I use the method of moodboarding quite a lot. For example when I prepare the wedding inspiration photoshoots or when I try to make a lovely couple’s dream come true.

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Understanding why a wedding moodbard is so important

When you are already engaged, you probably know the feeling of being so excited to start planning your wedding but not knowing where to start. So many ideas are rushing through your head but it is not that easy to commit to one style and stick with this decision. Or the different ideas don’t make any sense when putting them together. It can be frustrating so I like to create moodboards with my wedding couples. Some brainstorming sessions will help, too. Start with your story as a couple because that’s what you want to show on your big day. Your story, your personality, your dreams, your goals, your desires…

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Building this visual guide of your inspirations will help so much in the wedding planning. Being able to see what you like and what you’d want your wedding day to be is the key to a wonderful wedding concept. If you like, you can break it down to every single style element of your wedding. Create an extra wedding moodboard for the stationery, for the table decoration and for the floristry.

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Thinking about the aspirations and dreams for your wedding

This is something, that I like to do with the couples that come to me, but you can do this without any help as well. Think about the aspirations and expectations you have for your wedding. What would you want your guests to say about your wedding? Is it timeless, elegant, modern, glamorous or sweet? Some ideas fit to certain styles and support your aspirations. Within this step, the overall tone of the wedding will be set and the wedding concept begins to develop.

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Collecting all the inspiration for the wedding moodboard

Maybe you are asking yourself right now: Where do I find the inspiration? Inspiration can be found in so many things. Are you drawn to poems or paintings? Or do you enjoy the nature? Try to do things that you love to do or even something that you never did but always wanted! New experiences create new inspiration. Maybe you or your partner has a different cultural or ethnic background. Explore it! In the end, it always comes back to who you are as a couple. Take these bits of your personality and form ideas from that.

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Choosing a color palette for the moodboard

When it comes to colors, some bridal couples already have a few in mind. Choosing the colors is a very personal thing, because the colors often reflect our personality and our mood. But they not only reflect them, but also influence them. Pick colors, that will work with the venue and with the overall concept. A color palette should have three to five different colors. Among those are the main color, second color, accent colors and neutrals. All of them should be matched with one another, so that in the end it creates a harmonious picture. You can achieve that by picking colors from related families. Or nuances of the same tone. Every color has its very own characteristics and not only the tone itself is important, the saturation and temperature should also be considered. If you want to know more about color concepts, then this guide to the most beautiful color concept will help you out!

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Picking the perfect images and creating the moodboard

Well, what would a wedding moodboard be without images, right? Pinterest is perfect for wedding images. It is so simple to save all of the images that you like. Start by pinning everything you like and then think about your concept. Which images go well with your wedding concept and your venue? What image resembles your personality? Which images tell your story? And do they fit with the chosen colors? We use our Pinterest account to collect inspiration and to show off our own work to inspire others.

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Quick guide to Pinterest

As were are talking about Pinterest the whole time, you might have asked yourself what Pinterest even is. Pinterest is a search engine, where you can find recipes, style inspirations, hairstyles and cool interior. The start feed contains a collection of pins and brands that might be interesting to you – based on your search activities. A pin is always linked to a website. You can save your pins, or click on them and find out more about them. To organize all of your pins, you can create different folders. Your account profile is where you can find every single folder and pin that you saved. You can also see your followers and the accounts that you are following. As you can see, it is a great mixture of search engine and social media so it’s helpful and fun. To search for certain things, you need to type a term into the search bar. Let’s try it with “wedding flowers”. Pinterest will now make additional suggestions that you could use. It also becomes more and more popular to search by hashtag.

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The right style

When picking the images, try to stick with the same photography style. This will make the moodboard look much more consistent. Your wedding moodboard can be electronically or manually. Save all the images, print them out, cut them out and hang them on the wall. Or stay with Pinterest and create a Pinterest wedding moodboard. You can also save your images and create the moodboard with a software. Have fun and be creative!

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