Crystal clear: Ice princess meets winter wedding

Winter. For many of us it’s a rather unloved season. Cold, dark, wet and uncomfortable – that’s how we cast it aside and snuggle up on the couch instead. Curled up into a ball we wait for spring. We are pretty good in givng winter the cold shoulder ourselves. But doesn’t he deserve¬† a second chance, maybe? We say: definitely! Since winter has so much beauty to offer. Simply think of grasses, branches and twigs covered in rime, looking like magically¬†congealed. Or of sparkling snowflakes, whose thousands of minute ice crystals catch the sunlight. Little ponds are dreaming under a sheer layer of ice. Father Frost chants countless beautiful details onto the world, inspiring us to this dreamy wedding shooting.

Like in nature this time of year, pastelly light blue, delicate green, white and rose tones can be found in the styling. The styling is rather muted and has a minimalistic feel to it. Nevertheless some colorful accents have yet been incorporated. The groom is wearing red patent shoes and the bride’s makeup includes dark, berry-colored statement lips. That’s not only totaly on trend right now, such colors can also be found in the wintery nature. The bridal dress is similarly modern. A two piece dress with a skirt that has a blue tinge to it and a lacy cropped top with threequarter lenght sleeves pits the crystalline wedding theme perfectly. The bride is entirely transformed into an ice princess only by the crystal tiara. You may combine the wintery look with a chunky knit woolen sweater additionally. A matching scarf also works great.


The frosty season doesn’t necessarily gift us with an ocean of flowers to choose from. A lof of plants still dream a deep winter sleep. But it is still possible to arrange a wonderful bridal bouquet. The combination of helleborus niger, ranunculus, fritillaria meleagris and hyacinths goes very well with a winter wedding. The flower’s delicate, toned down colors support the minimalistic winter atmosphere. You may also wear them as a little floral arrangement in your hair.


In accordance with this winter weddings flair the table design is kept rather minimalistic. A chiffon table cloth that pools on the floor acts as the basis for it. We passed on elaborate center pieces entirely and assembled little glas vases that house only a few little checkered lilies instead. With this look you can combine tall white candles. Different color crystals are used to hold the candles and also serve as a ring dish. Their interesting structure underlines the wedding theme beautifully. Marble bottom plates are accompanied by silverware, while white napkins hang loosely over the edge of the table. The place cards can also be decorated with minuscule crystals.


The stationary’s geometric formes pick up the crystalline wedding theme once more. White ink dances almost effordlessly across the grey fine card. This way menus, invitations and place card are draped in an immaculately elegant look. Silk chiffon breezes around the arrangement like a frosty draught.