Think about your love story. Is it the same as your parents’ or your best friend’s? Of course not! Each of us has a unique life story and a series of events that led up to you getting married.
This is the core of our event design. We believe that your wedding should show – in an exceptional way – who you are, what you love and what special memories connect you.

We design a unique wedding concept – unique to how you are as a couple. In this way, your wedding day itself can serve as a lasting memory and testimony of your love.

Let us create a timeless and elegant wedding for you.

How do we do it?

We sit down with you and design a cohesive wedding concept for your most beautiful day. All of the wedding vendors we choose together should buy into the idea.

We aim to create visual beauty-scapes that tell your love story. We add significant details, large and small, visible but also subtle, to create a unique wedding day that you (and your family and friends) will remember fondly in the years to come.




Planning your wedding is a very personal experience. It should be a reflection of who you are as a couple.

Not everyone needs professional help at every turn when planning their wedding and that’s great! But you may occasionally need advice and expertise or even a nudge in the right direction so this fixed price, à la carte consultation sessions are available when you need it.

Our one-on-one bridal coaching session allows you to plan your own personal wedding, while benefitting from the advice of a wedding industry expert.




Our design concept package is perfect for you, if you need creative direction to develop a design concept for your wedding, but would like to take care of set up and breakdown yourself.

We will help you sort through your ideas and inspiration, offer guidance to filter, enhance and translate them into a signature wedding that is unique, cohesive and tasteful.

The design concept will give an overall vision and
clear aesthetic direction to your wedding up to design references with guidelines and will oversee all design elements of your wedding be it invitation, stationary, flowers, decoration and every other little thing that matters from start to finish. Includes:


  • Unlimited phone and email communication prior to the event
  • Up to 2 planning sessions including 1 walkthrough
  • Complete wedding design including a detailed design proposal
  • Sourcing List
  • Briefing for all design vendors including checklist
  • Reception layouts created alongside your rental team




Our full service is perfect for you, if you are looking for a distinct aesthetic for your wedding and you would like to relax and enjoy on your most important day.

Our design process begins with a meeting to discuss your event and inspiration. After an onsite walkthrough to talk in further depth about your event we create a design proposal including visual inspiration, a color board and layout and hand select and manage your complete design team including the florist, rentals, linens, lighting company and any other design related vendor.

For destination weddings meetings and planning sessions can be held via Skype.



  • Unlimited phone and email communication prior to the event
  • Up to 2 planning sessions including 1 walkthrough
  • Complete wedding design including a detailed design proposal
  • Management of all design vendors including timeline
  • Reception layouts created alongside your rental team
  • Decor and prop set up the day of wedding
  • Breakdown of décor



This is an opportunity for you to talk to us directly and ask us any questions you may have about our services.

We can also explore any current frustrations you might be having about your wedding and how we can best help take away those stresses. At the end of this session, you’ll find out if we are a good fit for each other.

Simplicity is the ultimate


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