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Find the perfect wedding venue


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How to find the perfect wedding venue – questions to ask

Just now you were celebrating your engagement, stomach full of butterflies, dreaming about the perfect day –  the other day you are deep down in the wedding planning spiral. So many things need to be decided on and it’s finally time to determine the style of your wedding. The wedding venue usually is one of the first things that is being picked. Right after the romantic proposal, the sometimes stressful planning period starts. And with so many things to keep in mind, there are plenty of obstacles to take. So you might be thinking about your wedding venue and what questions to ask. It is important to ask the right questions so you’ll be able to choose the best venue for you and your needs. At the end of this blogpost, we share our free wedding venue checklist with you.

Do you need some  help with your wedding planning? Your head is spinning and you don’t even know where to start? Then read our 7 step guide on how to start with the wedding planning! A lot of decisions are waiting to be made and one of them is the style concept. Read our step by step guide to the most beautiful color concept and gain a lot more confidence when it comes to making decisions!


First things first – the primary questions to ask

These wedding venue questions are definitely the first ones that should be asked. If these do not fit, then all of the other questions don’t even need to be asked. When searching for a wedding venue, you most likely have already picked a date that you and your partner would like. Try to think about one or two alternative dates, so you are more flexible. A basic question would be to ask if the venue is available on your preferred date. Also, you should know if your desired wedding location has enough space for you and your guests. So a simple “Does your venue have enough capacity to accommodate my guest list?” will answer this.

In case these two questions can be answered in your favor, you can move on to the more specific questions. Otherwise you will need to keep looking for alternative venues.

Let’s talk about money

The costs are an important point in your wedding planning. Ask your wedding venue about the payment schedule, required deposits and the cancellation policy. On top of the rent, there could be additional fees that you might be unaware of. Also, there could be a discount for a particular number of guests.

When you already know that you want certain tables or chairs then there will be a rate on top of the regular rent. It’s the same with any other extra. Do you know your guests and expect a long party with dancing until the sun is up again? Then ask about the overtime rate. Same goes for the exclusiveness of a venue. A beautiful location just for you and your guests sound romantic, but you often have to pay for exclusiveness.

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Logistics – things you should know about your wedding venue

This is where it comes to the planning. What are the packages that this wedding venue offers?


Sunshine, warm temperatures and a soft breeze. A summer wedding that is celebrated in the gorgeous garden of the venue might sound like a great idea, but what happens when this summer day turns our to be rainy, grey and stormy? Will you be able to switch to a hall on this property? What do they offer to be prepared for every contingency? Backup plans are very important and you want to know how flexible they are. The same goes for the number of guests. What if something happens and instead of the planned 120 guests only 80 make it to your wedding?

Other vendors

Some wedding venues cooperate with certain other vendors. They would want you to take their caterer. If you can choose your own caterer, then you should ask if they can use the kitchen. For other vendors, this applies too. Ask if you are able to choose your own vendors or if they offer a variety of vendors where you can choose from. See what packages the venue offers.


Of course a wedding reception with fun music and exuberant guests isn’t bad, but in some cases you have neighbors and they’ll be thankful if you stick to the noise restrictions. But beware; sometimes you have to keep all doors and windows shut! A hot summer night with a room full of dancing guests and no way to let some air in due to closed windows is not a good match. Also ask for the checkout time.

The accessibility of a venue plays a big role that sometimes gets forgotten. I remember the wedding at Burghotel Hardenberg, where it was impossible to access the venue with a big truck to we had to think of ways to get all of the furniture up there.

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What has this wedding venue to offer and how to bring in your own style

If the wedding venue fulfills all of your requirements so far, it’s great! But a very big point when finding the perfect venue is the style of it. Maybe you imagined your venue since you were a kid and you are eager to find “the one” just like you did with your partner. Or maybe you don’t know what to choose at all because you cannot decide on a style? How do you pick a venue when you don’t even have a wedding concept? Try to pick a venue that resembles a white canvas. In that way you’ll be able to put a lot of your personality and style into the concept without the venue being inappropriate.

But what if the venue gets refurbished before your wedding and the whole color concept does not match anymore? Ask your wedding venue if they plan on any renovations before your wedding and include it in the contract.

A wedding venue that offers accommodation for your guests is also perfect especially for families with young children. The parents will be able to dance the night away with you while their kids are napping nearby.



Photography: Anja Schneemann Photography
Hair and Make up: Karine Brossard make-up & hair
Stationary: Ciarra Claire ⁣
Couple: Cedric DinardoMailys Morata
Dress: Mira Zwillinger
Groom‘s Attire: Lo & Go
Jewelry: Sibo designs
Location: Chateau de Tourreau
Concept + Styling, Rentals: Magnolias on Silk⁣⁣
Floral Design: Magnolias on Silk⁣ ⁣⁣
Tableware+Glassware: Vista alegre

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In this template we share 25 important questions that you’ll need to ask the wedding venue!

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