December 30

Don’t stop dreaming…


or what the New Year 2018 brings us!

“The year has past by so fast!”
A phrase we often exclaim as December punctually creeps up on us.  The last day of the year is traditionally a day to review the past year and at the same time it is a good opportunity to look into the future.

Behind us lies an exciting and above all very instructive year with wonderful people, exciting projects, amazing weddings and beautiful experiences. We hope that you were able to reach your goals, realize your visions and make some of your dreams come true.

One of our heart projects of the past year was our shooting trip to Portugal. Already in the fall of last year, I traveled to Sintra to scout locations and have fallen seriously in love with this beautiful place on earth. Varied nature and majestic architecture make this place very special and inspiring. Within a week, three beautiful inspiration shoots were created. Some of these magical inspirations have already been featured at the Wedding Chicks, Frieda Therés and in our own journal and in the next few weeks we will show you even more of these beautiful pictures.

At the end of the shooting trip there was a workshop for photographers, for which I took over the styling and was allowed to make a small contribution to the styling of details. It was a lot of fun and … tadaa … there will be a sequel in 2018 … albeit in a different constellation.

In summer we were able to help shape some very nice and touching weddings. These were exciting and sometimes challenging tasks, where we have come to appreciate that we have a professional wedding planner at our side from time to time.

In November, I was finally allowed to style the Christmas campaign for one of the world’s most innovative porcelain manufacturers, Vista Alegre. Pictures that can now be seen everywhere and around the world. Many, many thanks for trusting in me!

Neujahrsgrüsse 2018 1

But I am particularly grateful for the fact that this year has enriched me with many experiences.

Thanks, to the people who believed in us and recommended us to others (Those who know us, know that drumroll is not our simplest exercise)

Thanks, to all those who accompanied us for a while in 2017.

But sometimes there is also a fork in the road, where you have to say goodbye to people who have gone part of the way with you. And so, this year, some paths have separated. The months after I returned from Portugal were the hardest months of the year for me. A time of felt stasis, in which I sometimes felt paralyzed, with no clear goal in mind, with the feeling that there is no one sharing the same vision, the same dreams with me. That sounds a bit unfair, because of course there were people who believed in me, who encouraged me to go on and follow my dreams. I am very, very grateful to these people!

And at some point I realized that sometimes on your own path you can do nothing better than take a break, pause to recharge your batteries and gain clarity. Once again, I understood how important it is to be true to yourself and your values ​​and ideals, to be authentic, not trying to make everyone happy.

It is a pity if we part ways and at the same time there is a great opportunity. And who knows, maybe we’ll meet again at another fork in the road.

Where one door closes, another opens. – Molière

Many new doors have since opened to interesting people and exciting projects.

And so Portugal has not stayed the last trip abroad. I was in Mallorca and in Tuscany and not only returned with great pictures, but also with many impressions and new ideas.

And so we look to the coming year 2018 with much confidence and joy and are incredibly excited about all the unknown things that are still waiting for us there.

A heart’s desire has come true in the old year. From 2018 we are a member of the Little Black Book of Style me pretty. Just 2 years after we launched the event design and styling department.

There were also some private highlights. In summer we have fulfilled ourselves a dream and went together with our two girls to northern Spain to attend a surf camp. The feeling of being carried by a wave is magical and difficult to describe. It is a deep happiness of perfect harmony with yourself and nature. Because when surfing, there is only you, your board and the ocean.

Since I returned to Germany from San Diego in 2005, I have not been on a surfboard anymore. Many friends told me, Don’t worry, you do not forget how to surf. Well … I forgot it! : D

And so I paddled for 7 days often to total exhaustion – even 5 hours in a row, I survived the spin cycle of white water and endured a lot of soreness, bruises and scrubbed areas. Just to understand that only those who dare win, and only those who overcome doubt and fear will eventually have the chance to surf the perfect wave.

Surfing has become the metaphor of the year 2017 for me.

Welcome 2018!

We are looking forward to 2018, to new and exciting projects.

Also in 2018 we will once a month open our studio and offer a creative workshop. Do you already know our workshop program?
We are also always thankful for suggestions on what you would like to try out creatively. Just write us a message. We are happy to hear from you.

On February,17th I am together with a great team of old and dear colleagues and many new creative heart-people at the Soul & Seekers Workshop “The Artisan’s Dream”.

Immediately thereafter, I am in the mountains for an inspiration shoot, which I am looking forward to very much. Because it will be very different than the things that you usually see from us. More on this site but not yet revealed. On February 19th, I’ll take you on a little journey on Instastories.

At the end of April, a particularly exciting project is about to take me to the beautiful South of France with an international team. France has been on my agenda for a long time. The plans for this project have been going on for weeks and I am very, very happy that we were able to win such great service providers for the team.

 In summer we look forward to many amazing and creative weddings. The wedding season will be quite long this year. At the beginning of November, the last wedding of the 2018 is currently in our schedule – a multicultural dream wedding with 180 guests.

2018 is around the corner and we all have a wonderful new year ahead of us, giving us the opportunity to start fresh, to define our dreams and goals that make us the creative, talented and lovable people we want to be.
Never stop
to dream
to reach for the stars
To make plans and
To go your own way!
We wish you a very happy and meaningful New Year!


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