Magnolias On Silk Irka

Irka is the face of the company and our head planner and creative mind. 

She was interested in design very early. As a little girl, she passionately drew ideas for lamps, furniture and all sorts of things on paper, devoured books on design styles and had incredibly much pleasure in designing and decorating.

It was not until many years later that Irka turned this passion into a profession and now she finally got the feeling she arrived. She has learnt autodidactically much of what she draws into her work.

Irka’s design language is minimalistic, organic, elegant and timeless, inspired by nature and the beautiful things of life. She focuses on design, florals and every last detail that goes into the way our events look and feel.

Her husband, Marcell, is her partner in all things life. Together they have two daughters, Lily and Nisha — a full home and even fuller hearts!  Irka is also a passionate traveler, a lover of the adventure it brings along with the chance to be exposed to all this beautiful world has to offer.

She would love to meet you.
We are Magnolias on Silk

This is our family and this is our life!

Our life is sometimes a little crazy and chaotic and messy and loud and busy and tiring and filled with endless needs and completely imperfect… but we love it, we love our family and all the little quirks and silly habits that also bring so much joy and laughter. To love and be loved… is there anything greater in this life?

You can‘t play a symphony alone,
it takes an orchestra to play it.


Navjot Singh Sidhu