Our Story

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Irka was enthusiastic about art, flowers and interior design from a young age. As a little girl she passionately drew ideas for lamps, furniture and all sorts of things on paper, devoured books on design styles and had incredibly much pleasure in designing and decorating. She even bought flowers occasionally to arrange into something creative.

But, life intervened. Irka’s parents did not think she could make a living out of art and she was too unsure of herself to study architecture or interior design. She ended up studying law and specialized in conflict resolution and intercultural communication.  She had an incredible career. Irka traveled, consulted and trained others – but she knew the law was not her true passion. Within her, creativity was still shouting to get out.

Marcell was dreaming of being an artist and poet. While living in Texas and California he wrote, photographed and drew paintings on canvas and skin.

Years went by. We both travelled the world trying to find our dream. It must have been destiny that we met 2001 in the same state where we grew up after we both returned from a longer time abroad. At our very first date Marcell gave Irka the book „Siddharta“ by Hermann Hesse with a personal dedication „Hoping to travel India together with you one day.“ A week later we booked a flight to India and Irka canceled her job with an international law firm.

In India we not only lived out our joint passion for travelling, exploring foreign cultures and meeting people with a vastly different spirituality and mind set. We also found each other.
2010 we eloped in India in a traditional ceremony on a heavenly place called „A beach symphony“ in Kerala. To celebrate our vows with our family and closest friends we also had an intimate wedding ceremony and reception in Germany, where we implemented the colors of India with colorful flowers and PomPoms.

After the wedding, Irka decided to make a change. She was exhausted and not satisfied. During a holiday in East Asia, she knew that time had come for her to go back to her first love. She resigned from her job and started ‘PomPom your life!’ with her husband. PomPom your life! was one of the first companies in Europe to explore the creative possibilities of handmade tissue paper decorations.

We outgrew ‘PomPom your life!’ and in August 2018 we founded ‘Magnolias on Silk’ to better serve our existing clients and to represent more of what we are. Within a short time our work got featured in almost all major international wedding blogs and magazines.

These accolades are special, yet the most meaningful parts of our business are the people we have met along the way. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the incredible people we have had the opportunity to work with.

It is rewarding to look back and see how far we have come over the years, but it is even more exciting to look towards the future as we dream up new possibilities. The best is yet to come. We truly believe that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

This is our story. Now let’s tell yours.



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And I’d choose you; in a hundred
lifetimes, …


Kiersten White

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