Maison Shiibá scented candle BOIS DE OUD with a secret message I LOVE YOU

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Uncover a secret, give away a unique gift, create a souvenir of a precious moment ... with a... more

Uncover a secret, give away a unique gift, create a souvenir of a precious moment ... with a scented candle from Maison Shiibá with the secret message "I love you!"

A Maison Shiiba product is not just a candle. It is also a timeless decorative object inspired by Paris, the city of lights, with its gilded buildings, its architecture, its French chic, and its Parisian elegance.

All of Maison Shiibà's candles are handmade in France. The fragrance creations of Maison Shiiba come from Grasse, a city in the south of France, which is also known as the capital of fragrances. Maison Shiibá only uses 100% vegan wax of the best quality from Europe for the production of the scented candles, which guarantees a healthy and homogeneous burning of the candle. The wax used ensures that the scent develops optimally when the candle is burning, but also when it is not lit.

A secret message?

The secret message "I love you!", Which is hidden like a jewel in the candle, is engraved on a small brass plate and becomes visible when the candle burns down. Each brass plate is provided with a small hole so that the message can be used as a key ring or as a talisman or piece of jewelry on a chain around the neck or hidden in the wallet as a loving memory. After the candle has completely burned down, you can take out the secret message and carefully remove any wax residue with warm water and a little soap.

The special scent: Bois de Oud

Oud, a scented oil from the resin of the eagle tree is one of the most hyped scents in the beauty industry and is worth more than pure gold. Whether Tom Ford, Francis Kurkdjian or Yves Saint Laurent - almost every luxury label has brought an oud fragrance or an entire collection onto the market in recent years. Oud can cost up to 50,000 euros per kilo. So it's no wonder that you often have to invest a three-digit amount for most oud fragrances. A wickedly expensive fragrance fun! Sensual, aromatic, sexy: Oud scents are said to have an aphrodisiac effect.

Zero waste

Each candle is poured into an elegant golden box, which you can give a second life when the candle is burned. Simply plant the enclosed paper seed card with some soil in the pot and see how fresh mint sprouts. Or use the pretty box as a jewelry box, as a small vase or as a tealight holder ... let your creativity run free!


  • Phthalates & CMR free
  • Pure cotton wick
  • 100% vegan wax
  • Fragrances from Grasse
  • Hand made in France
  • Size: 7cm x 6.8cm high
  • Weight: 210 g
  • Burn time: up to 50 hours
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