February 22

Top 5 Spring Wedding Color Palettes


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These 5 wedding color palettes are perfect for your spring wedding

As much as we loved the winter and it’s coziness, the sleepy landscape and the sparkling snow; the tenderness of the first warm sunbeam on your skin, the awakened nature and the singing birds create a fairytale-like atmosphere. The beginning of the spring finally feels like the beginning of the new year. It is always like a fresh start after a long break.  No wonder why so many couples decide to tie the knot in such a dreamy feel that the spring brings to us. Nothing beats the romance of blooming florals combined with this distinctive fresh scent of spring, like the world wears a layer of our favorite perfume.

When talking about the best spring wedding color schemes, there are definitely many ways, since the flower options are much more variable than during the colder months. Of course, you don’t have to follow any rules for your spring wedding color scheme – in the end it’s most important what you like and what suits your and your s.o.’s personality. In case you want to dive deeper into the whole color concept, color theory and color psychology theme, you are free to read this step by step guide. But now let us get inspired by these top 5 spring wedding color schemes!


Different shades of blue – light and airy just as a soft breeze on a spring morning

This spring wedding color palette comes with different shades of blue. It creates a metaphor to soft water, that is being moved by a light breeze. Other colors like white and the accent color silver enhance this airy look which is perfect for spring.  Blue is a cold color that appears calming, peaceful, healing and wise. This makes it perfectly appropriate for spring as this season symbolizes a new start and recreation. The white is used as the secondary color. Neutral colors like this are great to achieve this outstanding look. The silver accent color compliments the overall cool color palette. These spring wedding colors are awesome for a couple that wants a classic color concept that is far from boring.

blue water inspired wedding theme, wedding color blue, spring wedding colors

Photos: Anja Schneemann Photography


Violet and blue reminiscent the blossoming of the first flowers

Delicate violets and crocuses herald the start of spring. Therefore, a color palette in violet blue is a beautiful way to style your spring wedding and let the nature influence your design concept. This spring wedding color palette creates this stunning balance between warm and cold that is often what happens in spring time. The weather switches from cool to hot, from rain and grey clouds to sun and blue sky. Here we have this gorgeous bright blue and violet combined with white as the neutral secondary color and gold as the accent color. This bright blue reminds of the blue sky, but it is also a cold color. Violet picks up this floral theme of violets and crocuses and the gold brings a lot of warmth to this color concept.

violet and blue wedding colors, violet spring wedding, wedding color scheme for spring

Photos: Anja Schneemann Photography


Like a walk through a field full of fresh grass and gorgeous flowers covered in dew

Mystical and feminine is this dewdrop inspired spring wedding color scheme. Imagine waking up on a beautiful early morning in spring and taking a walk through a lush garden. The flowers are still asleep and but the birds already sing their best songs. Dewdrops cover the grass and the colorful flowers and you feel these cool water drops on your skin. Doesn’t that sound absolutely romantic to you? This romantic feeling can be transferred with a color scheme like this. An antique sage combined with soft blush and greige is a good way to combine colors that are more on the bright spectrum with neutrals.

moodboard, sprig wedding color palette, spring wedding color scheme, dusty blue, dusty pink

Photos: Anja Schneemann Photography


As warm as the sun – a playful and energetic color palette

In case the sun is long in coming, why not create your own type of sun with a poppy and playful color concept for your wedding. Spring always surprises us when it comes to weather. When you miss the sun, then go with a fun and happy color scheme like this. Orange and yellow mix in different shades and create this happy palette. These colors radiate warmth, optimism and energy. Orange, coral, apricot and yellow are the best way to end the somber winter time. Combined with white and silver, this color palette is just the right amount of bright and striking, without being too loud. Do you like warm color palettes with a splash of joy? Then go ahead and look at our luxurious inspiration in coral and apricot.

coral spring wedding, spring wedding palette, living coral

Photos: Anja Schneemann Photography


Muted pastel colors – as wispy and tender as the first warm sunbeams

What would an article about the most beautiful color schemes be without a classic pastel color palette? You can never go wrong with pastel colors, they just never go out of style. Pastels are always so sweet and innocent. With this palette, we combined a dusk grey with dusty rose, light pink and ivory. Because of the lack of power within these colors, it is possible to combine them without using a lot of neutral colors like white or offwhite. It is this gentleness, that is so intriguing about this spring wedding color scheme. The same gentleness that can be found in spring. With pastel colors, floral patterns and flowers are a perfect match and your fairytale wedding will be complete.

spring wedding color scheme, spring wedding color palette, pastel colors for spring wedding

Photos: Anja Schneemann Photography


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