Wedding in France

The whole world knows France for it’s stunning architecture, the quaint villages, historic monuments, fascinating national parks, art and philosophy, good wine and culinary adventures. And let’s not forget about the heart of France, “la ville de l’amour”, Paris. There is no wonder why so many people travel each year to this amazing country. And some may lose their heart there.

If you are one of those people, then why not get married in France? There are plenty of romantic and private getaways or elegant Châteaus where you can celebrate your love. When planning a wedding in France, you need to keep in mind certain requirements, so you can marry legally. You will also need to find a fitting wedding venue and choose the best vendors. And then there is also the budget. A destination wedding in France does not need to stay a dream, you can actually make it come true! In the following, we prepared a quick overview on everything you need to know about a wedding in France. Also, it is advised to book a wedding planner that can help you making the wedding planning the least stressful as it can be. Planning a destination wedding from abroad can otherwise become quite a challenge.


Wedding in France

We make your destination wedding in France less stressful and more magical by including all the essentials. So you can sit back and enjoy this special day with your guests worry-free. Getting married abroad might come with some extra obstacles like a language barrier. We make sure that all of these problems don’t affect you. Celebrate your destination wedding in France in a Château, a French Garden or in the city of love Paris.

Elopement in France

Focus on what’s really important and celebrate your intimate elopement in France with just the two of you or with the people that are closest to you. A secret and private elopement is very intimate and romantic, since you can really focus on the love that makes you so special as a couple.

Vow Renewal in France

Celebrate your love once again and renew your wedding vows in France. We’ll make sure that it’s absolutely stress-free for you!

Wedding Proposal in France

Ready to pop the question but have no idea where to start from? If your destination is France, we have some romantic ideas to make your partner say YES in one of the most romantic cities in the world, among the lavender fields in Provence or …

Wedding Venues in France

Browse our selection of wedding venues in France specifically chosen by our team to be the best locations for a destination wedding in France with your small group of guests and places to elope in France with just the two of you.


Chateau de Tourreau

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More Details

    • Location: Sarrians, France
    • Nearest airport: Marseille (97 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): 29
    • Wedding capacity (max.): 120
    • Venue price: 30.000€ – 35.000€ per week
    • Venue type: Chateau, Garden, Chapel
    • Ceremony type: Symbolic or religious

    The glorious Chateau de Tourreau was built in the 17th century. It is located in the stunning Provence in Southern France. Near Avignon, the castle offers a huge park that is decorated with beautiful old cypresses. The 8 hectares of this residence are very appealing for exuberant weddings. A tennis court, a swimming pool and a wine cellar are just a few of many luxurious activities.

    The Chateau can accommodate up to 29 persons. It is perfect for smaller wedding parties that like to celebrate a private and intimate ceremony. The ceremony itself can be held in the garden or in the chapel, which is right next to the Chateau. Of course, the 17th century chapel has a lot of charm. When it comes to the pricing, it all depends on several factors. During the high season from June to September, it costs about 30.000€ to 35.000€ to rent for a whole week.


    Photo: Anja Schneemann Photography

Shangri-La Hotel Paris

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More Details

    • Location: Paris,  France
    • Nearest airport: Paris Charles de Gaulle (33,6 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): 65 rooms, 36 suites
    • Wedding capacity (max.): 500
    • Venue price: on request
    • Venue type: Outdoor, Ballrooms
    • Ceremony type: Symbolic

    Bienvenue à Paris, la ville de l’amour. Thousands of love birdies are dreaming of a destination wedding in this big city. The Shangri-La Hotel in Paris is a perfect venue to make these dreams come true. Being a very luxurious and high prestige hotel, is always tries it’s best to fulfill the couple’s wishes. The accommodation of the wedding party is easy, since a big hotel like the Shangri-La is able to offer many rooms and suits. 65 magnificent rooms and 36 lavish suites make your stay at the Shangri-La very comfortable.

    The ceremony and the reception can take place at the Shangri-La as well. There are various ballrooms to choose from. Up to 280 guests can enjoy the reception with you. Even more guests can take part at the cocktail reception. One of the many reasons to celebrate at this hotel is the view. Due to the closeness to the Eiffel Tower, the ceremony can be held with a spectacular view of the world’s most famous monument.

    Price on request.


    Photo: Shangri-La Paris

Château de Robernier

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More Details

    • Location: Montfort-sur-Argens, France
    • Nearest airport: Marseille (95 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): 12 rooms
    • Wedding capacity (max.): –
    • Venue price: 11.800€ for one day and one night
    • Venue type: Outdoor, Chapel, Ballroom, Chateau
    • Ceremony type: Symbolic or religious

    Château de Robernier is also located in the Provence. The Côte d’Azur makes the atmosphere around this Château so special. Nearby, you can find Cotignac. This village was voted as the “most charming village in the Provence”. But bigger cities like Marseille or Cannes aren’t too far away. The family Robernier was in possession of this stunning building for about 400 years. In the 16th century, the foundation of this Château was set. During the 18thcentury, an orangery, the main castle, a huge ballroom and a chapel were added.

    Of course, the wedding couple can get married in the chapel. The garden or the ballroom are just the perfect venues for a gorgeous reception. A swimming pool is also part of the estate. 12 or more guests can be accommodated in this Château. Therefore it is really perfect for smaller weddings, but huge wedding parties are also very welcome. During high season, from June to September, the castle costs 11.800€ for one day and one night.


    Photo: Château de Robernier

More wedding venues in France are listed here.

Of course, there are a lot more beautiful wedding venues in France. We have listed only a small selection of wedding venues on our website. Send us your enquiry or get more personal by jumping on a quick consultation call with us who will help you find the right venue.

Legal requirements to get married in France

When you and your partner start thinking about a destination wedding in France, you might ask yourself a few questions such as “When is the best time to get married in France?” or “How many guests should I invite to a wedding abroad?” and “What about the budget?”, “How do we apply for a wedding in France”. And most importantly “What are the legal requirements?”. We have all the answers to these questions on this blog post.

How much does a destination wedding cost in France?

We accept no more than 12 weddings per year so as to make sure we deliver exceptional designs and services. Your wedding day should be unique – a treasured memory in all of the years to come. That is why we do not offer packages or one-fits-all-solutions. We develop unique design concepts for our clients, bringing their dreams and ideas to life and offer an exceptional service. We create each package individually just for you taking into account location, wedding party size and your needs for your wedding day.

However we’ve got some numbers to get you started.

Where can I get married in France?

The most popular wedding destinations in France are
– Paris
– Provence
– Côte d’Azur/The French Riviera

What are the most beautiful wedding venues in France?

There are so many beautiful wedding venues in France, that it is hard to choose the most beautiful ones. We have listed 9 stunning wedding venues in Paris, the Provence and western France. If you love Chateau weddings, you will love France as your destination, as it has these beautiful historic buildings. Just take a look at this site to read further into the wedding venues.

Where can I elope in France?

An elopement is a very personal and intimate event. A pretty Chateau in France would be perfect for such an experience. Maybe you would like to elope in a secluded vine yard in the Provence? Or having a secret getaway in a big metropolis like Paris? It’s up to you to decide!

How do you legally get married in France?

Getting legally married in France is only possible through a civil ceremony which takes place at the council offices (mairie). To get married legally in France you need to follow specific legal requirements.

If you’re coming to France to have a religious or symbolic ceremony, you must already be legally married in your home country. Symbolic weddings can be hosted at any venue.
You can find more details on how to get married legally in France in our blogpost.

How much does a destination wedding cost in France?

A lot of people immediately think that a wedding abroad is extremely expensive. If you plan skillfully and concentrate on the aspects most important to yourself, then prices do not actually differ that much. But of course, the final costs depend on many different factors like number of guests, venue etc.

How do you plan a wedding in France?

It might be a little bit tougher to plan a wedding in France, especially when you don’t have the language skills. And being not in the country can be hard, as you are not able to see you venue and the vendors offline. It is really helpful to seek the support of a professional. A wedding planner is able to manage the organization so you can relax and enjoy the thrill of anticipation.