Getting married in Portugal – one of Europe’s hidden gems

Portugal – endless beaches at the Algarve, impressive buildings in Lisbon, sunshine year-round, a culture that’s influenced by sea travel and discovery, with it artistically decorated tiles as far as the eye can see. The paradise-like country on the Iberian holds thousands of fascinating details and it has very own charm. So it’s not surprising many couples are getting married in Portugal. Portugal is an amazing wedding destination. Are you one of the many Portugal lovers and thinking about having your wedding in Portugal? How wonderful!

But planning a destination wedding can be quite a challenge. Language barriers, lots of paper work, not being in the country to plan everything… why not hiring a wedding professional? A wedding planner will be able to take on that difficult work, so you can enjoy being engaged.

Wedding in Portugal

For weddings in Portugal with all your nearest and dearest! Celebrate your destination wedding in a palace, quinta or another breathtaking venue in Portugal.


Elopement in Portugal

Focus on what’s really important and celebrate your intimate elopement in Portugal with just the two of you or with the people that are closest to you.

Here are 10 tips on how to plan an elopement.

Vow Renewal in Portugal

Celebrate your love once again and renew your wedding vows in Portugal. We’ll make sure that it’s absolutely stress-free for you!

Wedding Proposal in Portugal

Ready to pop the question but have no idea where to start from? If your destination is Portugal, we have some romantic ideas to make your partner say YES!

Portugal Wedding Venues

In Portugal you really have the embarras de choix when it comes to choosing the wedding venue. For that reason we have focussed mainly on the Lisbon area. There you can find a vast variety of hip hotels, breathtaking, historic buildings, picturesque quintas in the countryside, venues right at the beach and many other locations to choose from.

Browse our selection of wedding venues in Portugal specifically chosen by our team to be the best locations for a destination wedding in Portugal and places to elope in Portugal with just the two of you.

Palacio de Montserrate

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More Details

    • Location: Sintra,  Portugal
    • Nearest airport: Humberto Delgado Airport Lisbon (30,8 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): –
    • Wedding capacity (max.): 80 for the music room, more in the gardens
    • Venue price: on request
    • Venue type: Palace, Garden, Ruins
    • Ceremony type: Symbolic

    This unique palace is a world heritage site. And there is no wonder why: the fusion of eastern and Arabic architectural styles, combined with gothic influences is very individual. Around 1790, British businessman Gerard de Visme built this palace. Only two years later, the palace was given to another wealthy Brit that focused on the gardens. His work paid off, as the gardens are extraordinary and spectacular with exotic plants from all over the world.

    If a fairytale wedding is your absolute goal, then the Monserrate Palace is the best venue for you. The historic beauty is one of a kind. A place you have never seen before. For the ceremony, couples can either get married in the ruins of the old Monserrate chapel, or choose one of the beautiful rooms.  For the cocktails and reception, this place offers many options. Share your special day with your loved ones in the garden or the stunning music room.


    Photo: Instagram

Forte da Cruz

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More Details

    • Location: Estoril,  Portugal
    • Nearest airport: Humberto Delgado Airport Lisbon (30,6 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): –
    • Wedding capacity (max.): 100 indoors, 500 outdoors
    • Venue price: on request
    • Venue type: Castle, Terrace, Beach
    • Ceremony type: Symbolic

    Forte da Cruz is just 30 minutes away from Lisbon and a lot of wedding couples already discovered the beautiful castle as for their wedding venue. The 17th century castle is a unique venue, so it is one you will always remember. Surrounded by stunning golden beaches, historic villages and the deep ocean, the castle offers everything that you’d wish for- and more. It was once used to protect the beach and function as a coastal defense. Nowadays, the castle is known for its elegant and magnificent environment.

    The ceremonies can be enjoyed with a beautiful view over the ocean.  It is the perfect mixture of a sunny beach wedding and an elegant castle wedding. Further, you can witness the most beautiful sunsets on top of this castle.

    Photo: Aguiam Wedding Photography

Palace of Queluz

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More Details

    • Location: Queluz,  Portugal
    • Nearest airport: Humberto Delgado Airport Lisbon (13,5 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): –
    • Wedding capacity (max.): 500
    • Venue price: about 74€ per person
    • Venue type: Palace, Garden, Ballroom
    • Ceremony type: Symbolic

    The Palácio Nacional de Queluz has one of the biggest rococo gardens of Europe. Located in Queluz, near Lisbon, it has a great accessibility. The “Versailles of Portugal” was built in the 18th century. It was originally used as a summer residence for the Portuguese nobles. Later it was the residence of King Pedro III and Queen Maria I. It is perfect for a wedding where you wish for an aristocratic and elegant atmosphere. Since 1910, this wonderful palace is a national monument.

    For a wedding, you can celebrate the reception in a stunning theatre or a banquet and also in a beautiful music hall. All of these venues have a high capacity of 100 to 350 guests. The garden even offers a capacity of 500 guests.

    Photo: Visit Lisboa

We have listed only a small selection of wedding venues on our website. Send us your enquiry or get more personal by jumping on a quick consultation call with us who will help you find the right venue.

To get a good overview on some stunning venues, you can take a look at our top wedding venues in Portugal.

Legal requirements for getting married in Portugal

Nothing hinders your civil ceremony since the marriage is easily recognized in other countries. The required documents for your registry office wedding in Portugal are:

  • International birth certificate in a long version with full names of both parents
  • International marriage capacity certificate (also called: no impediment certificate/certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage)
  • Photocopy of your passport or ID card, still valid for another 6 months
  • Power of attorney

if applicable

  • Death certificate (if widowed)
  • Divorce papers / marriage certificate of previous marriage which states divorce (if divorced)
  • Name change documents

All documents must be handed in original and translated or provided in the so-called international version. Depending on your country of origin the documents need to be authenticated. Documents from citizens of countries who are member of the 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents only need an apostille stamp. In many countries this would be an Apostille, see member countries of of the Hague Convention here. This stamp refers the legalization and validity of your documents for international use. The apostille stamp is necessary for birth certificates, certificates of no impediment to marry and free to marry affidavits. Documents from citizens of countries who are not member of he 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents need to have an authentication from a governmental body of country where it got issued, to proof that it is a valid document of this country.

There are a few more tips and infos on the legal requirements, you might want to read this blogpost about 5 tips for a wedding in Portugal.

How much does a wedding in  Portugal cost?

We accept no more than 12 weddings per year so as to make sure we deliver exceptional designs and services. Your wedding day should be unique – a treasured memory in all of the years to come. That is why we do not offer packages or one-fits-all-solutions. We develop unique design concepts for our clients, bringing their dreams and ideas to life and offer an exceptional service. We create each package individually just for you taking into account location, wedding party size and your needs for your wedding day.

However we’ve got some numbers to get you started.

Where to get married in Portugal?

The most popular destinations for a wedding in Portugal are:

  • Lisbon
  • Sintra
  • Cascais
  • Algarve

What are the most beautiful wedding venues in Portugal?

There are just too many to name all of them. But some of the most beautiful venues are the Monserrate Palace, Quinta de Sao Thiago and Forte da Cruz. Gladly, we have listed our favorite wedding venues in Portugal in this post! You can also get a in-depth look of our past work at Palacio de Seteais or Quinta de Sao Thiago.

Can foreigners get married in Portugal?

This is a very important question. And the answer is YES! Foreigners can get legally married in Portugal without being a resident of this country and without having to come to Portugal at any time prior to your wedding.

How much does a wedding cost in Portugal?

Some people might think that a destination wedding in Portugal is overly expensive. But if you plan skillfully, the costs won’t differ that much from a regular wedding. Still, the final costs depend a lot on different factors.

How do you plan a wedding in Portugal?

It might be a little bit tougher to plan a wedding in Portugal, especially when you don’t have the language skills. And being not in the country can be hard, as you are not able to see you venue and the vendors offline. It is really helpful to seek the support of a professional. A wedding planner is able to manage the organization so you can relax and enjoy the thrill of anticipation.