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Wedding Planner vs Wedding Stylist



What is the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Stylist – and do I need both?

In the beginning everything is so exciting! You are recently engaged and your head is buzzing with endorphins. Thousands of decisions seem to come to you. When do you get married ?, in which location ?, who should you invite ?, which one of the long-dreamed wedding dresses should it be now? – and oh yes, a great decoration would not be bad.

As part of our work, we are increasingly struck by the fact that many people are somewhat at a loss when it comes to a specific topic. The tiny question of what exactly a wedding stylist actually does seems to cause great confusion. And then there’s the wedding planner as well. What is their job again and what is the difference to the stylist?

Google also does not add much clarity, as it translates “wedding stylist” with “wedding planner”. That’s why we take the matter into our own hands and get rid of these inconsistencies. Do not worry, it’s not that complicated! Just stay tuned if you want to know what exactly belongs to the tasks of a wedding stylist or wedding planner. In addition, we’ll tell you how the service providers can support and relieve you from the planning to the implementation of the big day.


wedding stylist, creating a wedding design concept


Wedding Stylist or Wedding Designer

You spent hours on Pinterest creating a mood board for your wedding, but now you do not know where to start to turn that idea into reality? At this point it would be perfect to have someone who arranges the creative chaos that ensures that everything fits together and harmonizes and in the end no unwanted style breaks. Someone who understands how you tick as a couple and what suits you.

This is precisely the field of activity of a wedding stylist or wedding designer.
He is responsible for the creative part of a wedding. If you choose to work with a wedding stylist, you can be sure that you will have a memorable and highly personalized wedding.

These are the tasks a Wedding Stylist or Designer will do for you:

  • The Wedding Concept – much more than just the color of the flowers He’ll find out which style your partner and you prefer, if you do not agree or need support in general. A wedding stylist creates a coherent and unique design concept for your wedding. This reflects your individuality as a couple and includes everything from paper stationery, light and chairs, to place cards, all that is related to the visual design of your wedding.
  • The Right Vendors A wedding stylist has a broad network of service providers and knows the market and current trends very well. He can help you find the service providers that suit your style, such as photographers, florists, pastry chefs, or a calligrapher or graphic designer who designs the invitations artfully.
  • The Small, Fine Details Many stylists also have their own collection of decorative items to fall back on. So you’re not forced to spend a small fortune on the velvet tablecloths that you’ve been dreaming about for a long time, or to hover over flea markets for months to collect the necessary number of gorgeous candlesticks you admire in pictures. You can simply rent them from your stylist and do not have to worry about what to start with 50 candlesticks after the wedding or how to get 12 velvet tablecloths sold again. In addition, wedding stylists know exactly which knife harmonises best with which flower vase and should something not be available: they know someone who will give you even the most unusual little things at short notice.Furthermore, a stylist can suggest alternatives in case you have fallen in love with a table decoration that would simply overstrain your budget or become unrealizable in your selected location for logistical reasons.
  • Implementation on Site After you have mastered the planning phase together with your wedding stylist, the big day has finally come! Before the wedding, your stylist will make sure everything is arranged as you dreamed it would be. After the celebration, the stylist dismantles the decoration and prepares everything for the pickup. So you can start the honeymoon relaxed or spend the morning after brunch with friends or in bed.


moodboard, pinterest wedding board


How to find the right Wedding Designer 

  • Read the individual handwriting/style Like every couple, every wedding designer is different. If you look attentively at the portfolio and the pictures on Instagram, you get a good impression, which style the Wedding Designer has. Rather boho, minimalist, classic? Do you like what you see? Then you should shortlist the stylist.
  • Plan early Good wedding designers are booked out long in advance, especially at the especially popular wedding dates. Therefore, contact the Wedding Designer of your choice as early as possible, not only to ensure that it is involved early in the creative planning process, but also so that your desired date is not already taken.
    Finding a perfect environment for your wedding is greatly simplified if you decide on a style or theme and then select the appropriate location. Have you already rented a sumptuous ballroom and after talking to the stylist, you really want to celebrate a hippie wedding, because this is more in line with your passion, it could be very difficult to reconcile both.
  • Is the chemistry right Arrange with the Wedding Designer of your choice a call by phone or even better via Skype. In a first conversation, you can ever get rid of important questions and get a good impression, whether it suits the personal level.
    The individual design of a wedding is a very time-consuming and personal process. So it is important that you not only have a good gut feeling and trust, but that you also understand each other well and feel well cared for.


wedding moodboard
pinterest wedding board, moodboard for wedding


And what does the Wedding Planner do?

Unlike a wedding stylist, a wedding planner takes over the organizational and logistical tasks of a wedding similar to a project manager.

Wedding planners often offer different service packages. Although the names of the packages differ from case to case, you can usually distinguish the following.

These are the tasks a Wedding Stylist or Designer will do for you:

Partial Planning

You feel like planning your own wedding, but need some support in some areas? Then a partial planning is perfect for you. For example, a wedding planner can assist you in one or more of the following areas:

  • Support in concept creation
  • Creation of a schedule up to the wedding and the wedding day
  • Suggestion of locations for ceremony and/or reception
  • Organization of the wedding
  • Recommendation of wedding vendors (photography, floristry, wedding cake, stationery, etc.)


All-Inclusive Package

If you want to sit back and relax while planning your wedding, an all-inclusive planning is just what you need. Your wedding planner arranges all aspects of your wedding according to your ideas, so nothing is left to chance.

The all-inclusive package usually includes the following services:

  • Budget Planning

    The wedding planner plans and monitors the budget of your wedding. The financial space you have for your wedding is important to many other decisions that a wedding planner makes. Above all, this includes the selection of suitable wedding vendors for your budget.

  • Selection of Location and Matching Wedding Vendors

    In the first place, your wedding planner can help you to find a great location that suits your needs and then book them for your desired date. In addition, a wedding planner can suggest other service providers. Once you have decided on a florist, photographer or caterer, the wedding planner will book these services for you after he negotiates the contracts. To control whether all parties stick to the contracts, is also one of the tasks that a wedding planner takes you.
    Together with you and the caterer or the kitchen on site, the wedding planner will create your wedding menu. Appetizer, main course, dessert or a midnight snack buffet, all tailored by the wedding planner to your needs and budget.

  • Guest List

    The guest list including invitations will also be discussed with the wedding planner. He can give you tips on how to deal with tricky situations in the choice of guests and how best to place which person at which table, so that as many interesting conversations can arise and your guests feel comfortable.

  • Schedule

    For the day of your wedding, the wedding planner will make a timetable and make sure everyone complies with their deadlines. He handles the communication with all suppliers and service providers and ensures in advance that everything is booked and sealed for the most beautiful day of your life.

    In addition, if your fiancé and you want, your wedding planner can even help you plan your honeymoon.


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Day Of Coordinator

As a master of ceremonies, the wedding planner will ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the wedding and additionally takes care of the many small and large concerns of the guests. Mostly this service is included in the all-inclusive package. However, if you have only booked a partial planning or have planned the wedding yourself and only need organizational support for your big day so that you and your families and friends can enjoy the day with no worries, then you can book this service separately with many wedding planners.

It usually includes the following tasks:
  • acts as contact person for all service providers
  • setting up and dismantling the event
  • handling and coordination of the complete logistics
  • controlling of time schedule
  • making sure the process stays in flow

packaging of guest favors

And what about the budget?

As beautiful as the dream of a perfect wedding with a brilliant team of the best wedding vendors in the industry may be, the financial possibilities of most of us are limited. Therefore, it wants to be well considered, which vendors are really necessary and which one can do without.

Set priorities and think about where your own strengths are or in which areas you can rely on the help of family and friends. If you like being creative yourself and trust yourself to take on the styling of your wedding anyway, it may be a good idea to hire only a wedding planner. The opposite is true if the visual design to the color of the napkin is extremely important to you. Then you are well advised to bring a wedding stylist on board.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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A quick rundown

Let’s summarize: A Wedding Planner organizes, procures, manages and controls. He mentally goes through everything that could go wrong and installs a double bottom in advance. A wedding stylist, in turn, keeps an eye on the creative details. Imagine him as the makeup artist of a wedding. His talent is to create the ambience you desire. It combines everything from colors and fabrics to candles, flowers and cutlery to match your personal style. Take a look at our Portfolio to see what services we offer. Coordinating the wedding vendors, supervising your budget while creating a dreamy wedding that fits your couple’s personality. To round the all-inclusive service up, we even offer floral arrangements that make your wedding design even more stunning and detail oriented.


Photography: Anja Schneemann Photography



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