Wedding Venues in Germany for your destination wedding in Germany or your intimate elopement in Germany

Germany has it all. From the Black Forest to the beautiful sea. The heart of Europe is known for cozy mountain lodges, beautiful beaches, lush forests and the most elegant castles. The rich and long history of this country has created some stunning architecture. Being in the middle of Europe, the German architechture has many influences in terms of art, architechture and culture. And even though Germany might not be the warmest country with a lot of sunshine – the cute historic cities and the diverse nature make up for the lack of sun. Whether you’re planning to say “I do” during a small and private elopement, or a big destination wedding, these are the most beautiful wedding venues in Germany!

Wedding Destinations in Germany

In and around Berlin

The buzzing city Berlin is not for nothing Germanys capital. As recent years have shown, many tourists love this city as much as we do. Three words that would describe this city: colorful, hip and modern. Sometimes, it is very clear that a city almost has a personality. This is the case with Berlin, as it is so multifarious. On one side, Berlin is very historical with interesting museums and historical buildings. On the other side, it has so many alternative art styles, it is impossible to not be inspired.

Western Germany and Central Germany

Central Germany is a hidden gem. Not many people travel to this place on earth. But a journey is worth it! Many beautiful national parks are in this region. Therefore, it is mostly known for the stunning nature. Cities like Hanover are starting to get a lot more recognition, because it is so green and vegetated. Western Germany is mostly known for the Ruhr area. But there are many beautiful wedding venues.

Places for Elopements in Germany

Of course, Germany is very old and has a rich history.  Almost every town has an exciting story to tell and you will find remnants of the history everywhere. An elopement in Germany is the best idea when you are searching for old castles, romantic ruins or thick forests in which you fall in love with.




Venues in and around Berlin

Castle Neuhardenberg


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  • The Neuhardenberg castle is located in Brandenburg. Being near Berlin, it manages to stay away from the hubbub of this lively city, while still being easily accessible. At the end oft he 18. century, the castle was built in the Baroque style. But in 1820, Karl Friedrich Schinkel had the castle renovated to a classical architectual style. Both airports Berlin Tegel and Berlin Schönefeld can be reached in under two hours.

    At this castle, you can celebrate large weddings. There are several lounges, salons and an orangery, where you can sit, talk, laugh, eat and dance with your guests. The biggest room can fit up to 200 guests. Another perk of this castle is that you not only can celebrate your wedding, you can also stay there for a few nights and live your fairytale dream! 54 rooms and 2 suites are perfect to accommodate your wedding party.


    • Location: Neuhardenberg, Germany
    • Nearest airport: Berlin Schönefeld (83 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): 54 rooms, 2 suites
    • Wedding capacity (max.): 200
    • Venue price: on request
    • Venue type: Castle
    • Ceremony type: Symbolic


    Photo: Schloss Neuhardenberg

Castle Glienicke


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  • In the southwest of Berlin, far away from the loud and lively hubbub, there is Schloss Glienicke. It was used as a summer residence for Prince Karl of Prussia. As he came back from his trip to Italy, he felt so inspired by the architecture that he wanted to adapt the features to his new summer home. Schloss Glienicke is one of the UNESCO world heritages since 1990. Even though it is located in a quiet area, it still is very easy to access. The airport Berlin Tegel is just 30 minutes away. The heart of this property is the beautiful garden, which has some impressive fountains.

    For the wedding itself, you can choose between several premises. There is the restaurant, with a capacity of 120 people, two patios with a capacity of 500 people, an orangery with up to 70 seats and there is even a casino, where you can celebrate with 14 guests. Schloss Glienicke is capable of hosting small and large wedding parties. The charges depend on the chosen room and other things, so it is advised to send a request.


    • Location: Berlin, Germany
    • Nearest airport: Flughafen Berlin Tegel (25 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): 0
    • Wedding capacity (max.): 500
    • Venue price: Starting at 500€
    • Venue type: Castle, Outdoor
    • Ceremony type: Symbolic

    Photo: Stadtbild Deutschland

Hotel du Rome


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  • What is more suitable for a destination wedding than a hotel? A destination wedding at a hotel will allow you to accommodate all of your guests at one place. Hotel du Rome in Berlin is one of the most prestigious hotels in Berlin, so your stay there is definitely going to be luxurious. The international airport Berlin Tegel is just 10 kilometers away. If you wish to be right in the center of the goings-on, Hotel du Rome is the right place for you. The building was once used as the main office of the Dresdner Bank. Nowadays it keeps its old charm while being very modern.

    Depending on the size of your wedding party, there are different premises to choose from. There is a theater, where 250 people can get seated. Then there is also the cabaret where about 100 people can get seated. The hall has the biggest capacity of 300 people. But smaller wedding parties are also more than welcome. A few halls are also perfect for smaller weddings. With 145 rooms, there is enough space to accommodate even big wedding parties with a lot of guests. The hotel also has a swimming pool and a gym. And in case you want to feel like you are on top of the world, you can also rent the roof-top terrace.


    • Location: Berlin, Germany
    • Nearest airport: Flughafen Berlin Tegel (10 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): 108 rooms, 37 suites
    • Wedding capacity (max.): 300
    • Venue price: on request
    • Venue type: Hotel
    • Ceremony type: Symbolic

    Photo: roccofortehotels

Venues in Western Germany and Central Germany

Schloss Gartrop

wedding castle, schloss gartrop, wedding in germany

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  • This pretty water castle Gartrop was built in medieval times. In the 16. century, the castle was extended. After a huge fire destroyed a lot of it, it was rebuilt in the Baroque style to match the manor, which is designed also in a beautiful and elegant Baroque style. There is also a manor, which was built in the Baroque style to match the castles new appearance. A really impressive highlight of this castle is the huge garden. There is a stunning alley where you are free to relax and enjoy the calming environment. The castle also has its own chapel, where you can celebrate your religious wedding.

    At Schloss Gartrop, you will get your fairytale wedding. For the reception, you can choose between several halls, a mirror hall, the chapel, the garden or the cute pavilion. Of course, the locations do have different capacities. This way, Schloss Gartrop is very versatile. It is perfect for small and intimate weddings, but it is also great if you have a really large wedding party. The perfect addition to this wedding venue is the hotel. 22 rooms ensure that you and your loved ones to have a wonderful stay. The international airport Dusseldorf is just 45 minutes away.


    • Location: Hünxe, Germany
    • Nearest airport: Flughafen Düsseldorf (56 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): 22 rooms and suites
    • Wedding capacity (max.): small and big parties
    • Venue price: on request
    • Venue type: Castle, Garden, Chapel
    • Ceremony type: Symbolic, Religious

    Photo: Anja Schneemann Photography

Schloss Bensberg

schloss bensberg, wedding castle, getting married in germany

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  • Schloss Bensberg in Bergisch Gladbach is located near Cologne. It was built in the 18th century and was used as a hunting château. Nowadays, it is used as an elegant hotel. Wedding guests who have a long journey are lucky because the international airport Cologne Bonn is only 16 kilometers away. The white front of this castle shines from far away and you have enough time to adore it while driving down the driveways. It was built in the Baroque style so it is elegant, unique and noble. It’s just the perfect venue for a wedding.

    The inner yard of the property is perfect for a romantic ceremony or reception. The beautiful limetrees are great for a cool shadow on a hot summer day. At Schloss Bensberg you can also have a civil ceremony, because it is a branch office of the register office. The salon is extraordinarily beautiful. There is a romantic painting on the ceiling and white Baroque ornaments which create a very elegant atmosphere. The castle offers different proposals for weddings. The costs start at 169€ per person. But there are also individual concepts that come with individual costs. The big ballroom can fit about 300 guests.


    • Location: Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
    • Nearest airport: Flughafen Köln Bonn (16 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): 84 rooms, 36 suites
    • Wedding capacity (max.): 300
    • Venue price: Starting at 169€ per person
    • Venue type: Castle
    • Ceremony type: Symbolic, Civil

    Photo: Anja Schneemann Photography

Kloster Wöltingerode

monastery wedding, baroque wedding, german wedding

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  • The monastery in Wöltingerode is located in northern Germany’s highest mountain range the Harz. Its history can be followed up until the 12. century. In the 13. century, it got some additional work done. This stunning building has several art styles, depending on the time where it was built. The basilica was built in the 12. century, therefore it is in the Romanesque style. The curch also has some gothic elements, while the west tower is from the Baroque age. Inside oft he beautiful building, you can discover a lot of elegant embellishements. Fort he color scheme, it is mostly in white and gold. Couples that want a very elegant wedding, are going to be very happy with this venue. The nearest airport is about an hour drive away.

    Since it is a monastery with its own curch, religious weddings are very welcome at Kloster Wöltingerode. Still, you can also have a symbolic wedding at the patio. The church can fit up to 100 people. The reception could be held at the library, where you can celebrate in a very comfy and historic environment. But there are also other lounges, where you can celebrate with your loved ones. A really special room is the gallery, where you can enjoy the amazing view over the church. Here, about 130 guests are able to have a seat. A major benefit of Kloster Wöltingerode is that it is also a hotel. So you and your guests can enjoy the calming atmosphere for a couple of days.


    • Location: Goslar, Germany
    • Nearest airport: Hannover (111 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): 54 rooms
    • Wedding capacity (max.): 120
    • Venue price: From 170€ for the ceremony only
    • Venue type: Church, Monastery
    • Ceremony type: Religious, Symbolic

    Photo: Anja Schneemann Photography

Schlosshotel Münchhausen


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  • The Schloss Münchhausen is a hotel with about 68 rooms and suites. Since it is a three star hotel, it guarantees high convenience and luxury. It was built in the 16th century and while it kept its old charm, it also added some modern elements to adapt to today’s times. Schloss Münchhausen is located in the national park of the Weser Hills and you can get there from the Hannover airport in about one hour. There are even three restaurants at this hotel; all of them will make you the best meals you will ever enjoy.

    For weddings, there is a pavilion, where you get have a civil wedding. After that, you can go to the castles own chapel and celebrate a religious wedding ceremony. The reception can be held in the big ballroom. Its capacity is about 300 people maximum. But smaller weddings will also find their right room at Schlosshotel Münchhausen. The Venetian room is perfect for a small wedding with up to 32 persons.

    • Location: Aerzen, Germany
    • Nearest airport: Flughafen Hannover (72 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): 68 rooms and suites
    • Wedding capacity (max.): 300
    • Venue price: on request
    • Venue type: Castle, Chapel, Outdoor
    • Ceremony type: Symbolic, Religious, Civil

    Photo: Anja Schneemann Photography

Schlosshotel Kronberg

castle hotel germany, castle wedding germany, schloss kronberg

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  • This castle hotel is located near Frankfurt. Therefore it is easy to access. The international airport of Frankfurt is only 25 kilometers away. Built in 1893, it was the summer residence of the queen of Prussia. Nowadays, it is a hotel with a very high convenience and luxurious facilities.

    The wedding is going tob e really special and unique in the historic library of this castle. But there is also an opulent ballroom which is perfect for a huge wedding. A small grotto in the park is very romantic and magical. It is the right venue for a couple that wishes for an intimate wedding in an unusual location. To fulfill the romantic atmosphere, there is also a stunning waterfall. Overall, there are 61 rooms and suites.


    • Location: Kronberg, Germany
    • Nearest airport: Flughafen Frankfurt (25 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): 61 rooms and suites
    • Wedding capacity (max.): 130
    • Venue price: on request
    • Venue type: Castle, Outdoor, Grotto
    • Ceremony type: Symbolic, Civil

    Photo: Schlosshotel Kronberg

Schlosshotel Lieser

castle wedding, getting married in germany, schloss lieser, lieser castle wedding

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  • The castle located on the beautiful Moselle was built in the 19th century, being heavily inspired by the old architecture styles. Schlosshotel Lieser has two main styles. There is the neo-baroque style and the Jugendstil. Both styles contribute to the unique and beautiful appearance of this hotel. The castle is fairly new to hotel branch, since it has just opened its doors for the guests in summer of 2019.  There are further renovations planned. In early 2020, everything should be done. Not only the mixture of old and new, old-fashioned and modern is intriguing. It is also the nature surrounding the castle. Go for a walk alongside the Moselle and enjoy the view over the vineyards.

    Regarding weddings, the guests can be accommodated in this chic hotel. There are 39 rooms, 4 studios, 3 apartments and 4 suites. The exclusive rooms are ready to take you on a time journey. The castle even has its own chapel, where 24 guests can sit down. A wine cellar and a spa with swimming pool add to the luxurious ambience. The castle garden is also free for ceremonies.


    • Location: Lieser, Germany
    • Nearest airport: Flughafen Köln Bonn (146 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): 39 rooms, 4 suites, 3 appartements, 4 studios
    • Wedding capacity (max.): smaller and larger wedding parties
    • Venue price: on request
    • Venue type: Castle, Chapel, Outdoor
    • Ceremony type: Symbolic, Religious

    Photo: Schlosshotel Lieser

Other Venues in Germany

Schloss Eckberg

schloss eckberg, dresden wedding, castle wedding

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  • Schloss Eckberg in Dresden is one of the three castles on the Elbe. It is located on the riverside, so the nature around this castle is stunning on its own. The inner-city of Dresden isn’t even far away, so the castle is easy to access. In 1858, the businessman Daniel Souchay bought a vineyard and wanted to build a gothic castle on this site. The lordly mansion also has an imposing castle garden.

    For a wedding, there are different halls and historic rooms to choose from. Up to 200 guests can partake on your wedding. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the surrounding nature, the beautiful garden and the pretty mansion. Schloss Eckberg is also a hotel so it is possible to accommodate your wedding guests at the castle. The castle itself has 17 rooms and suites but there is also a cavalier house where additional 65 rooms and two suites are located.


    • Location: Dresden, Germany
    • Nearest airport: Flughafen Dresden (10 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): 84 rooms and suites
    • Wedding capacity (max.): 200
    • Venue price: on request
    • Venue type: Castle, Outdoor, Ballroom, Vineyard
    • Ceremony type: Symbolic

    Photo: Schloss Eckberg

Schloss Kittendorf

schlosshotel kittendorf, german castle wedding, getting married in germany

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  • Schloss Kittendorf was built between 1848 and 1853. This manor is located in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It really has a special charm about it. May it be because of the towers, bays or crenellations or the whole English Tudor gothic style, it is truly enchanting. The English castle garden matches the atmosphere of the castle perfectly. With 110 hectare, it is one of the biggest gardens in Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania. Another benefit of Schloss Kittendorf as your wedding venue is that it functions as a hotel as well.

    Because of the castle being a branch office of the local registrar office, civil weddings can also be performed there. The orangery or the library are two beautiful and unique rooms for a civil wedding ceremony. The garden hall or the huge patio is perfect for great parties. There is also an English hall and a bar in the basement.


    • Location: Kittendorf, Germany
    • Nearest airport: Flughafen Berlin Tegel (145 km)
    • Sleeping capacity (max.): 25 suites
    • Wedding capacity (max.): 65
    • Venue price: on request
    • Venue type: Castle, Outdoor
    • Ceremony type: Symbolic, Civil

    Photo: Schloss Kittendorf 

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