Bridal Editorial – Santorini

A little while ago we were on the Greek Island of Santorini with a wonderful team in order to shoot an editorial on bridal dresses for Hochzeitswahn’s ‘Sei Inspiriert!’ magazine. We carried a variety of beautiful dresses by well known bridal designers in our suitcases and were fortunate enough to put them on display in Santorini’s breathtaking scenery.

Dresses from left to right: LAURA DE LIS, Viktoria Shokun, I am Yours

1st Dress: Truvelle via Victoria Rüsche 2nd Dress: Elfenkleid 3rd Hairpiece: SIBO Designs

1st Dress and hairpiece: Niely Hoetsch 2nd Dress: Küssdiebraut, hairpiece: SIBO Designs

Hairpiece: SIBO Designs

bridal dress heart shaped neckline

1st hairpiece: SIBO Designs 2nd bouquet: Wedding Wish 3rd Dress: Truvelle via Victoria Rüsche

1st Dress: I am Yours 2nd Dress: Elfenkleid

1st Dress: Truvelle via Victoria Rüsche 2nd Veil: SIBO Designs 3rd Dress: Viktoria Shokun

1st Dress: Viktoria Shokun , hairpiece: SIBO Designs 2nd Dress: Viktoria Shokun

1st Bouquet: Wedding Wish 2nd Veil: SIBO Designs 3rd Veil: SIBO Designs

1st Dress: LAURA DE LIS 2nd Dress: LAURA DE LIS , Veil: SIBO Designs

1st Dress : LAURA DE LIS

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